About Us

Phil Bryson is the owner of Desert Pro Home Buyers based in Phoenix, AZ. He got his real estate sales license in 2018 to help his brother start buying and selling investment properties as his preferred agent. Through those experiences he discovered that he really enjoyed the investing side of real estate and wanted to get more involved. When the pandemic hit in 2020 he made the decision to start a side business and work towards building long term wealth for his family. Feeling tired of the rat race, living paycheck to paycheck, he decided to make a bold change and start chasing after his dreams.

For thirteen years until the end of 2021, Phil worked in the automotive logistics industry. He served in eight different roles at that company, most of which were in operations management or pricing & revenue management. He was responsible for saving the company millions of dollars, optimizing processes and pricing algorithms, and doubled their market share through his various contributions.

While there are many great resources and mentors out there, Phil joined two mentorships. In 2020 he joined SEO For Real Estate Investors with Jerryll Noorden to learn how to build a credible website and optimize it for search engines. In late 2021 he joined the SubTo mentorship by Pace Morby to further develop his real estate skills and knowledge to serve him and home sellers better.